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Annual Day 2016-2017

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The academic year started at the beginning of June 2009 and ended in the first week of April 2010.

Extracurricular activities and sports are a generally compulsory part of school life for all students. There are clubs and societies organized around interests such as debating, science and craft, all providing as wide a range as possible of activities that are both creative as well as challenging.

Social work, known formally as "Socially Useful Productive Work", is also an integral part of school life, based upon the precept that our students should leave school as members of an aristocracy of service inspired by ideas of unselfishness, not one of privilege, wealth or position.

Furthermore, a magazine is published in English, Hindi and Kannada.

World Environment Day
How right Thomas Fuller was when he said, ‘We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.’

Celebrating World Environment Day, our students not only planted saplings, and carried placards, but also created an atmosphere of awareness as they spoke out on a number of relevant issues including global warming, and the impact of war upon the environment. Shanmugha Priya of Std. 9 feelingly recited a heart rending poem about earth, entitled, ‘The Forgotten Mother’, while Helan Jibi John also of Class 9 spoke of a chilling future, ‘Life on earth without humans.’

Prefects’ Investiture
It is good to remember that leaders grow; they are not made.
In a dignified and moving ceremony, Arun Nirmal of Std. 10 assumed responsibility as the School Captain for the year with Sharanya Sundar of Std. 9 as Vice Captain, and Bettina Lancelot taking over as Sports Captain. The House Captains and Prefects also pledged to uphold the values and norms of the school. Our heartfelt thanks go to Mrs. Deborah Moses, Kindergarten Coordinator of Clarence High School, for her presence with us, and for the inspiring talk addressed to our prefects. At the end of the day, we were left with the haunting melody, ‘Lord, we come to you…’ and other inspiring and beautiful songs sung by the Prefect’s choir.

Creative Writing Inter House Competition

‘Writing is a struggle against silence,’ said Carlos Fuentes. Breaking that silence, our students wrote this year on a variety of topics including,

This was also the year when two of our student’s short stories made it into print for the first time ever, appearing in the School Edition of the Deccan Herald.

Congratulations to Stuart Daniells for his delightful short story, ‘Dolphin Saves the Day’ and Razia Riaz for her thematic story, ‘Killers Beaten Back’.

The Albert Barrow Memorial All-India Creative Writing Contest
The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.

The topics tackled by our students this year were, ‘What Threatens World Peace in the 21st Century?’ and ‘Your dreams for a better world’.

Most creditably, Sharanya Sundar of Std. 9 was placed among the top ten national level winners of the competition.

The Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion. American reformer, Philosopher and Teacher, Amos Bronson Alcott, opined, “Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.”

I am sure that our girls would hotly defend their position were this proposition to be taken up for discussion! Meanwhile both boys as well as girls were represented in the School team when Binil Biju Parel and Sharanya Sundar of Std. 9 participated in the Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate on

Annual Prize Day
Annual Prize Day 2009 – 2010 was celebrated on Saturday, 11th July 2010.
Chief Guest Mrs. Indira Williams, Baldwin Girls’ High School, Richmond Road, Bangalore graced the occasion and addressed the Std X students and distributed prizes to the prize winners. A cultural programme followed thereafter.

What with the excellent board examination results, our students’ short stories appearing in the ‘Deccan Herald’ [School Edition] for the first time, and Sharanya Sundar making it to the top ten nation wide in the creative writing arena, perhaps it is not inaccurate to say, ‘2009 - 2010 was a brave year’!

We can all agree that ‘He who prizes little things is worthy of great ones’.

Mrs. Vatsala Vatsa, (IAS), Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka graced the occasion as Chief Guest, and addressed the gathering. One of the highlights of the entertainment programme which followed the prize giving included ‘The Little Mermaid’ enacted by the Primary section featuring breathtaking scenes of the world under the sea, and a thought provoking play by students of the Senior School based on Graham Greene’s short story, ‘The Case for the Defence’, with sterling performances by Arun Nirmal as the Reporter/Narrator, and Joash of Std. 8 who convincingly played the part of the murderer, Adams.

Inter House English Elocution Competitions
I am sure that we can all agree that you really cannot do a poem justice without both memorizing it, as well as reciting it!

Over a period of two days, the Primary, Middle School and Senior Sections participated in their competitions section wise. In addition to poems, the Middle School featured talks by the students on famous personalities such as ‘The Unforgettable Salim Ali’, ‘The Unforgettable Walt Disney’ and so on.

‘Say Something Beautiful’, English Inter House Senior Elocution

The theme for the Senior School was ‘Say Something Beautiful’ because when you recite poetry, you are privileged to say things in the best and most beautiful way possible.

In addition to poems, the seniors also put across a selection from Stephen Leacock’s, hilariously funny pieces including, ‘How to be a Doctor’, ‘How to live to be 200’; ‘The Life of John Smith and ‘The Human Element in Mathematics’.
As an interlude, the Literary Club enacted an excerpt from the hilarious comedy, ‘The Court Jester’.

Our thanks go to Mrs. Susie John and Mrs. Jyothi Parker for being with us and adjudging the competition.

Independence Day Celebrations
‘So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked,’ said the eminent writer, Mark Twain.

Justifiable pride in our nation manifested itself during the Independence Day Celebrations as the Primary section presented a colourful pageant featuring people of different Indian states, and also enacted a role play, ‘Leaders of our Country.’

We would like to thank Mrs. Neela Edwards for being with us on August 15th, and for the very appropriate message given to our Middle and Senior school students. The programme also featured both Gandhiji’s ‘Quit India’ speech, as well as a plea to all of us to ‘Fight Terror’, and several patriotic poems and melodious songs.

Inter House Hindi Elocution Competition
The best way to learn a language is through language immersion, by surrounding yourself with an environment where the language you are learning is used on a daily basis.

We would like to thank Mrs. Anju Pandey, St. Charles High School, Kamanahalli and Mrs. Lalana Niranjan, Eastwood High School, Ulsoor for being with us and judging the Hindi Elocution Competition.

Rhythm and Rhyme Time: Nursery Section Rhyme and Choral Recitation

There is overwhelming evidence that early learning of rhythmic poems, songs, and chants significantly enhances early reading skills and phonemic awareness. In fact research highlights phonemic awareness as a strong predictor of a child's reading success.

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to the teachers from Rinku Nursery, Cline Road, for adjudging the competition.

Teachers Day
After the Special Assembly, Students of Std. 9 entertained their teachers with two plays.
While the boys enacted, W.W. Jacob’s ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, the girls staged,
Leo Tolstoy’s ‘How Much Land does a Man Need?’

Inter House Debate Competition

I am sure we can all agree with Joseph Joubert , French Essayist , who stated, “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
This year our students tackled the propositions,

  • ‘Should the government ban the use of plastic bags?’ and

  • ‘The examination system does more harm than good.’

Our heartfelt thanks go to luminaries, Mrs. Jyoti Ganesh, Founder, Fraser Town Times and Mr. Kim Noble, C.E.O. and Corporate Soft Skills Enhancer, for adjudging the competition.

Primary and Middle School Spelling Bee
The Spelling Bee, which included a number of rounds such as ‘Word Twist’ and ‘Fill in the missing letters’ was a great success and a fun experience for pupils and teachers alike. The aim of the Competition is to make spelling fun!

Lions Club International Peace Poster Contest
We were proud to be the host school for this inter school event on 27th October 2009. Sponsored by the Bangalore Ladybird Lions Club, the theme of the event was, ‘the Power of Peace’; its aim being to bring peace to the world one child at a time.

Inter House Kannada Elocution Competition
The Kannada Elocution Competition held on October 30th was keenly contested by the students, and enjoyed by all. Our congratulations to the Kannada Department and to the all the participants who acquitted themselves so creditably. Our special thanks also go to the judges, Mr. Gangadhar, Mrs. Radhakrishnan and Mrs. P. Mohan.

Inter House Quiz
James Thurber suggested, ‘Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness’.

We would like to thank Mr. Maurice de Rebello and Wing Commander Chibb for so kindly making time to organize the Inter House Quiz for our Middle and Senior School students once again this year on 4th and 5th November 2009 , and enhancing this awareness.

Childrens’ Day
After the special assembly, teachers presented, ‘The Time Traveller’, a play written especially for the occasion. Journeying into the future is a painful business in some ways, yet our teachers found it worth their while to take a peek into what lies ahead in the misty future for our 2010 batch of students!

Little Stars Fancy Dress Competition
Where else would you find Kings and scarecrows, lions and luminaries, deities and dancers, traffic lights and policemen, but at the Nursery and Kindergarten Fancy Dress competition! The judges surely found it difficult to pick out the winners!

As Marc Chagall says, ‘Art is the increasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.’
The Inter house Art Competition held on Children’s Day had a variety of subjects and themes.

Annual Sports Day

Sports can often be a metaphor for achieving success in life because of the lessons it teaches us about life, about being a part of a team, how to cope with defeat and failure, how to remain focused on a task, how to overcome weaknesses, and go beyond our limits.

We are thankful to Mrs. Rita Reddy, Principal, HAL Gyana Jyoti School for being present with us on the occasion as Chief Guest, and for delivering the message.

The proud Champions of Champions for the year displaying stamina, speed and strength, were as follows: Juniors: Anjali James, and Sammith K.A.; Seniors: Nisha David, Sailal R.

Outreach Programme: Visit to ‘Asha Kiran’

Mindful as always of the needs of others, New Millennium students visited ‘Asha Kiran’ in Ambedkar Colony. This is a community welfare association sponsored by World Vision, India that brings a ray of hope to the lives of the old and underprivileged. As usual parents and students had generously contributed to the gift boxes carried by the visiting students. Our students also learnt to appreciate their own situations while interacting with the less privileged whose well being and future livelihood is the concern of this organization.

The Best I can :
Senior School Spelling Bee

The rounds included commonly mis-spelt words, names of monuments, words of French origin.

Scouts and Guides
Our students are enthusiastic and active participants in the Bharat Scouts and Guides programmes. Seven Schools, including New Millennium, participated in the Founders Day celebrations held at Maruthi Vidyalaya School on February 22nd.


National Education Day
A Special Assembly was held on 11th November 2009. Students paid tribute to the memory of Shri Abul Kalam Azad, Freedom fighter and India’s first Education Minister and spoke on the importance of education.


  • Baby’s Day Out!

    On February 5th 2010 students of the kindergarten were taken to the Bits Club. After an enjoyable day of play, fun and goodies, the little ones returned to their eagerly waiting parents.

  • Primary School
    The long and eagerly awaited class picnic for Classes 1 to 4 arrived on February 4th. On their way to Rupee Resort, the students stopped to see the famed Big Banyan Tree and various plant nurseries.
    Organised games at the venue, a yummy lunch and lots of prizes to win completed the fun filled day.

  • Stds. 5 to 9
    Visited Innovative Film City, and were enthralled by the Dinosaur Park, Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Ripley’s ‘Believe It or not’, 4 D theatre and other attractive features.

  • Std. 10
    Students of Std. 10 were treated to a Visit to Emerald Isle along with their teachers.

Graduation Day

The theme for our outgoing students this year was, ‘Glow and Illuminate, You Children of Light’.

A big ‘Thank you’ to Mr. K. Ravindran, Finance Controller, Target Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (India) who accepted our invitation to be the Chief Guest on the occasion, and delivered the valedictory address.

Songs by the Junior Choir, included the choreographed, ‘Carry your Candle’, ‘and ‘Be a Light’, while members of the Staff Choir put their hearts into the meaningful lyrics of , ‘Never Give Up on You…’

A sharply observant appreciation which summed up the sterling qualities of our outgoing students’ was delivered by their class teacher, to which Arun Nirmal, outgoing School Captain responded with a speech entitled, ‘Graduation Day: Why we both love it as well as hate it…’. This was followed by a few words by Tuba Hussain, who said she would remember the day as a ‘Capsule of Time’.

Visit to an Observatory
A group of about fifteen students from Stds. 7, 8 and 9, set out on an exciting field trip to an observatory at Sonam Layout in Doddagubbi on February 20, 2010. The Institute is headed by Dr. Saxena, Dean, Indian Institute of Astro Physics. Students found the experience most illuminating.

When Alladin’s magic rubbed off! K.G. Day
When the tiniest stars appear on stage, there is sure to be magic in the air! From tigers in the jungle to delightful dances, songs (in three languages ), a thought provoking play entitled, ‘Real Happiness’, and a topping Magic Show by Jason A of U.K.G., it really couldn’t get any better! Our heartfelt thanks go to Mrs. G. Madhavan who was the Chief Guest on the occasion and addressed some pertinent remarks along with encouraging advice to the parents of our toddlers.

Refreshing Times for Teachers
In-service training contributes to both educational innovation as well as to the resolution of concrete problems that teachers face in their professional lives.

Focussing on the “change paradigm”, Mrs. Phyllis Farias, conducting a Staff Orientation Programme before the reopening of the school, reinforced the concept of harnessing the multiple intelligences of students in the teaching-learning process. She also encouraged teachers to use the mind map to lay out lesson plans incorporating this principle. There has been a regular follow up of these innovative principles and practices over the year.

At the start of the final term, teachers' motivation and the teachers' role was reinforced by a session on ‘The Learner- Centred Approach in School Education’ conducted by the ‘Centre for Continuing Professional Development’ of Kristu Jayanti College.

A time for fellowship and camaraderie, teachers ventured to Innovative Film City and spent a day of fun and frolic.

Final Examinations: Those Testing Times!
Just as life’s little tests pop up every now and again, so do Students’ examinations! These regular tests and examinations help students to take aim and strike their targets. The final examinations extending from March 15 to March 22 help to round out the academic effort for the year.

Besides, Internal Assessment assignments in the senior classes [which account for 20% of the allotted marks] are the closest thing to hands on experience, making students less tense more prepared.

Students Activities: 2008 – 2009

Events June – September 2008
Once you see a child’s self image begin to improve, you will see significant gains in achievement areas but even more important, you will see a child who is beginning to enjoy life more.

World Environment Day
Each second that we live, is a new and unique moment that will never be again. We must work to make the world worthy of its children. – Pablo Picasso.

Ghanshyam Raturi, a leading environmentalist, said, ”Embrace the trees and save them from being felled; the property of our hills; save them from being looted.”

On June 5th, the students of New Millennium School celebrated World Environment Day by enacting the story of the Chipko Movement, the success of which not only saved thousands of trees in Uttarkhand, in the Himalayan belt, but also saved trees in other parts of our country as people everywhere began to protect trees.

They also exhorted each one of us to contribute our mite to save Mother Earth and her treasures, and to renew our pledge to work unflaggingly towards the enhancement of our environment and its beauty.

The Albert Barrow Memorial Creative Writing Contest
‘Writing maketh an exact man.’

On June 18th, our Seniors enthusiastically participated for the first time in this prestigious contest, and the two best entries were forwarded to the Council Office at Calcutta.

The Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate.
“Talent in the capacity of doing anything that depends on application and industry, such as writing a review, making a speech and so on,” said William Hazlitt.

On June 23rd, Ashwin H. M and Narola Jamir of Std 10 availed of the opportunity to display their debating talents, attending the Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate Competition held at the host school, Dayand Sagar International School, speaking out on the vexed issue of whether or not the young generation is blindly aping the West.

Inter House Debate Competition.
People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it!

Back at school, on June 26th, representatives of the four Houses hammered out their views on other burning issues of our times, speaking extempore on topics given to them on the spot.

Creative Writing Inter House Competition
The pen is mightier than the sword. On June 30th, our students took up the pen to write on an interesting variety of topics, the best of which would be featured in the school magazine.

Prefects Investiture

I would be true for there are those who trust me; I would be pure for there are those who care; I would be strong for there is much to suffer; I would be brave for there is much to dare.

On July 5th Students leaders took up the baton of responsibility. The Prefects Investiture Ceremony was celebrated with both solemnity and Úlan at the school grounds on Saturday July 5th. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mrs. Prema Cariappa, Member of Parliament and Chairperson, Social Welfare Board, who was the Chief Guest and addressed a message of encouragement, guidance and wisdom to the new incumbents.

In a ceremony, as impressive as it was moving, the new students body pledged to uphold, with humility and dedication, the values of their school, society and nation. Amid a colourful array of fluttering flags and banners, the Prefect Choir melodiously invoked the blessings of God upon all their future endeavours.

The occasion was attended also by other dignitaries, parents of the newly elected leaders and well wishers of the school. After a morning full of hope and promise, the event drew to a close with the final March Past as the curtains came down on yet another red letter day in the life of the School.

Annual Prize Day
When you choose success, you soar; believe in yourself, gain confidence.

Toil unceasingly, you achieve; press on, you are enriched; Fall and start over, you win.

The Annual Prize day was held on July 11th at the Campus Crusade Hall. Mr. B. K. Bhattacharya IAS; Former Chief Secretary of Karnataka graced the occasion as Chief Guest, distributing the prizes to the proud winners.

Highlights of the entertainment programme included a colourful Hawaiian dance by students of Std I, a tribal dance set in the forests of Karnataka and the Dance of Pau Puk Kiwis, an extract from H. W. Longfellow’s Haiwatha presented by the Literary Club.

Hindi Elocution
Keep your eye on the goal; maintain a realistic pace, listen to the one who coaches you, ignore the doubter, remain strong. Thank you to victories to come.

Under the able guidance and inspiration of the Hindi department and faculty, our students proved their language versatility, delighting both the audience and the judges, Mrs. Saroja Ishwar Lal, Mrs. Girija and Mrs. P. Saxena with an array of meaningful poems expressively delivered in ‘shudha bhasha’.

Independence Day
Breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said, this is my own, my native land …..?

A suitable blend of both joy and solemnity marked the celebrations on August 15th. Mrs. G. Madhavan, Founder Chairman took the salute. After the flag hoisting, our students read inspirational passages from the writings of national leaders. We were reminded by our speakers that while we have grown tremendously in every field of activity, and succeeded in keeping our nation intact, there is yet much to be done in the sphere of national endeavour. We must especially denounce the culture of corruption and build a community governed by values, working cooperatively to build a greater India of ‘sarva dharma’, and usher in a civilization of love.

Rhythm and Rhyme Time
Out of the mouths of babes….

This programme was held on August 27th, and what could be more charming than the little folk of the Kindergarten enunciating, with delightful clarity, familiar rhymes?

Yet, a further treat was in store on August 28th, as the primary school students of Std 1-4 participated in their Inter House Elocution Competition, displaying their advancing skills in memorization, clarity of diction and expression.

Inter House Elocution: Seniors
It was time to fasten our seat belts, and get ready to be transported back and forth, into far flung lands and climes, and then back home again on the wings of poesy!

Our first venture was into 18th century Cumberland, England, into the world of the then Poet Laureate of England, as students of Std 5 proudly presented a selection of sensitively observed nature poetry by William Wordsworth.

Sapphire House with lines written in early spring reflected sadly on how Man is no longer synchronized with Nature. Emerald House invited our hearts to dance along with the Daffodils! Next, Topaz House brought alive for us the haunting song of The Solitary Reaper; while Ruby House made a voice sketch of that solitary child, Lucy Grey.

Students of Std 6 took great pleasure in introducing to us four distinguished feline characters created by T.S. Eliot! While Sapphire House regaled us with the exploits of none other than, Macavity, the Mystery Cat, Ruby House to let us know who is really in charge! It’s none other than Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat; Next, Topaz House came forward to satisfy our curiosity about The Rum Tug Tugger! Finally, it was the turn of Emerald House to tell us all about the past glories of Gus, the Theatre Cat!

Students of Std VII had for us a choice selection of Sarojini Naidu’s melodious word pictures. After an inward journey with The Soul’s Prayer, we were taken in quick succession to our ocean washed shores with Coromandel fishers, and those dainty, luminous circles of light offered by Bangle sellers, and finally to the exciting and colourful Bazaars of Hyderabad.

Students of Std VIII were on next with their repertoire of poems by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore: Sapphire House presented the ‘would-be’ Hero. Emerald House created a nostalgic ambience with a rendition of My Mother, Topaz House touched upon the ephemeral versus the lasting values of life in the Unworthy Gift, while Ruby House imaginatively envisioned a succession of possible Vocations.

Students of Std IX presented a powerful selection of the best of Alfred Lord Tennyson. Sapphire House brought out both the indomitable will and unquenchable spirit of Ulysses! Emerald House reminded us that man is a mere mortal, unlike the Brook! Topaz House gave us a terrible vision of what it is like to tamper with the laws that govern Nature in Tithonus; while Ruby House commemorated the glory and blind obedience of the soldier in The Charge of the Light Bridage.

Could we sojourn into the realm of literature and not meet up with the immortal bard? Students of Std X brought to us excerpts of some of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays depicting the guilt-ridden, befuddled mind and blood-stained hands of Lady Macbeth, the tragedy of a good man goaded to commit a heinous crime by an ambitious wife as Macbeth hallucinates; the quality of mercy as per Portia’s speech from the Merchant of Venice and finally the rhetorical skills of Mark Antony as he sets out to avenge the assassination of Julius Caesar.

There are those who have spoken out against social ills, and about what ails our society, both directly and through their works of fiction. One student from each House brought to us one of these voices. We need to listen carefully, for we need to hear them if we are to survive in the twenty first century..

Man has failed to realize the interconnectedness of nature. Std 10 students, Narola Jamir of Sapphire House brought to us the wisdom of Chief Seattle in, ‘The End of Living and the Beginning of Survival’.

Can animals trust man? This was the question raised by Std 8 student, Sharanya Sunder of Emerald House who assumed the voice of Old Major on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Money makes the world go round but Std 8 student, Nabia Hameed of Topaz House brought us a warning note from contemporary writer V Gangadhar in ‘Money and Changing life styles’.

All forms of social stratification have to go. Std 10 student, Rakshita Das took us back to a moment in time when the downtrodden asserted their right to a dignified life in Narender Jadhav’s ‘The Mahar Struggle’.

Our grateful thanks to eminent educators and judges for the contest, Mrs. Edwards, Rev. D. Grant and Mrs. Nargis Sarkar.

Teachers Day
The Teacher’s prayer: Let me love a child more dearly everyday. Let me help the child who struggles to find his way. Let me stop to see his needs and gently pray.

Students conducted a special assembly, recalling the debt of gratitude owed to great teachers like Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. They found an outlet for the affectionate esteem in which they hold their teachers by presenting them with flowers and cards made, for the most part, by themselves.

Later in the day, the students organized a programme, each House enacting play featuring the wisdom of Birbal. As one teacher put it, these were short plays with tall messages, and were enjoyed by one and all.

Staff Orientation Programme

Schools are environments in which self-esteem, hope and resilience can be fortified. To lessen disillusionment and preempt burnout, In-service training programmes have, in recent times, been acknowledged as having a very important role to play in any institution that is striving for excellence. As part of the In-service training programmes regularly conducted for staff, a workshop on Psycho-Social understanding of New Generation Learners was conducted at the beginning of the second term by the Kristu Jayanthi College Center for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD), on October 11, 2008.

The aim of the three sessions, conducted by Dr. Nelson, Mr. Richard and Mr. Edward respectively, was to give teachers the vision to see themselves as charismatic adults, and to enable them to help their students fulfill their yearning to succeed. Awareness, assessment and modification of their own behaviour patterns , their assumptions, attitudes, expectations and perceptions would all work together to enhance their impact as educators.
The programme also exhorted teachers to identify, not only the islands of competency in their students, but also in themselves, and to take the playing field to their own terrain, so to speak, in order to utilize to the fullest, their own abilities; also to remember at all times that they are ‘special’ People: S-P-E-C-I-A-L (selfless and service-oriented; punctual; enthusiastic; courteous and caring, impartial and possessed of integrity, aware, alert and last, but not least, loving).

Students’ Seminar by Mrs. Phyllis Farias
The programme began with activities designed not only to put the students at ease, but also to enhance their self image, put into perspective prioritization of tasks, good time management; a healthy diet, exercise, study methods, and healthy attitudes all of which go into the building of a success story.

Student feed back said it all, ‘We felt that our difficulties were touched upon, and understood; and a lot of our hidden tension released,’ said Rakshita, the School Captain. Several of the students appeared more confident, and less pressured after this student friendly programme.

National Education Day was appropriately celebrated on November 11thwith a special assembly honouring the memory of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Sharanya Sunder ,of Class 8 ,traced the life of this great national leader and first education minister of independent India. Students carried placards which displayed a variety of slogans including, ‘Striving to make a Difference’, ‘Catch ‘em Young’, ‘The Quest is in the Question,’ ‘Learning is for Life’, ‘Education for Peace’, ‘Help us Explore and Discover’ to mention a few. Students of Stds 7 to 10 participated in an Essay Writing Competition, writing on, The Importance of Education, ‘The Education of the Girl Child’, ‘The Role of the Media in Education’, and ‘The Importance of Literacy and the Government’s Commitment to all aspects of Education.’

Scouts and Guides
The Bharat Scouts and Guides unit was inaugurated in the School on November 12, 2008. Officials from the Bharat Scouts and Guides Bangalore Wing were present at the function which was presided over by Mr. Lucas, who outlined the global nature of the members’ activities which are carried out in the spirit of fun, games and learning with the objectives of fostering in the members, both self-reliance as well as public spiritedness. To engender in our young Scouts and Guides these desirable capabilities would be, henceforth, the aim of the School’s Guide’s Captain, Mrs. R. Reddy and Scout leader, Mr. Balakrishna.

As part of the entertainment programme on the occasion, the Scouts and Guides sang ‘We are happy children’. ‘Nunha munna rehi,’ and ‘God bids us shine.’ This was followed by a bharatnatyam dance recital by Savitha, a student of the middle School.

Children’s Day
The theme for the day was ‘You are the world, you are the children’. The programme was packed with events for the students on children’s Day 2008. The morning Assembly opened with a prayer by Mrs. Ida Charles, after which, Meenakshi T. of Std 10 transported us back in time, ‘Reliving Nehru’s Life’. Two beautiful poems, ‘Above the bright blue sky’ and ‘The exhortation of a father to his children’ were recited by Anna Mariam Chacko of Std. 5 and Nikita of Std. 6 respectively. Teacher’s messages were followed by the Staff choir singing, ‘I’m your angel’ and ‘That’s the way it is.’
The Tiny Tots Fancy dress Competition turned out to be a treat for the audience, as the little ones from the Nursery, LKG and UKG took centre stage presenting a spectrum of personalities, from the divine, Jesus, Krishna and Arjun to the great and the famous, Alexander the Great, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu and Bhagat Singh to our simple vegetable and fruit sellers. There were also ‘visitors’ from Japan, African warriors, tribals and brides.

The Art competition followed with themes that included Examination Success, Silhouettes, Advertisements, Personalities and Scenes from Rural Life.

Graduation Day, 2009
‘Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude’ – Denis Waitley

‘With God as your Guide, go reach for the stars.’ That was the theme adopted by the outgoing students of ICSE Std. 10, New Millennium School, as they bade farewell to their Alma mater. The graduation ceremony was celebrated with both solemnity and elan on the School premises on February 7, 2009.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. C.P. Ravindranathan, Professor, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore, and former High Commissioner of India to Australia, who was the Chief Guest. Addressing a message of encouragement, guidance and wisdom to the gathering, Mr. Ravindranathan emphasized the importance of striving for excellence.

In a ceremony, as impressive as it was moving, the outgoing students pledged allegiance to the ideals of their School, Society and Nation, affiirming a commitment to live their lives with courage and compassion, concern and goodwill, respect and tolerance towards others, promising to use their talents and abilities to further the common good. While the Junior School choir melodiously exhorted them , ’Don’t grow weary in doing well.’, the Senior School Choir reminded them to ‘Pass it on’, and finally the Staff choir encouraged them to hold fast to faith, through the misty vistas of the future, rendering, ‘You will never walk alone..’

The character, strengths and achievements of each student, as observed over the years, were perceptively high lighted by their teachers; after which the students were given the opportunityto respond. While Narola Jamir, in her response, recalled how even though the start was small, “it was always with big aspirations for the future…”; Sajjan Gabriel K.G. concluded that ‘Some friction is necessary in order to propel students into their golden future.’

The occasion was attended also by other dignitaries, Heads of Institutions, parents of the outgoing students and well wishers of the school. After a bright morning full of song and dance, hope and promise, the event drew to a close with the outgoing students singing, ‘Farewell Alma mater’ and also their School song as the curtains came down on yet another red letter day in the life of the School.

Inter-house Quiz
Knowledge is Power, and Education has achieved its goal when the student has his or her learning antenna in place,
This year, Mr. Maurice de Rebello and Wing Commander Chibb conducted both the Senior School Quiz, on Friday, February 16th as well as a Quiz for the students of the Middle School. Introduced for the very first time, the Middle School event took place on Thursday, February 15th. Sapphire House emerged as the clear winner, with an ace team of Pradhan, Anna and Zeeshan who not only took the lead, but also distanced themselves from the pack with every passing round!

The Senior School quizzers netted a lower score, but promise to level up in the next Quiz event scheduled for November 09.

Students Activities: 2007 – 2008

Investiture of Captains and Prefects.
We are moving into a period of time on this planet, when the decisions and choices we make will produce a critical impact and an extra ordinary effect on the lives that we are collectively creating. It is our ideas, thoughts, concepts which must begin to drive the engine of our collective human experience or as writer Neale Donald Walsch has put it, our collective human experience will not be collective much longer but will, in fact, disintegrate and fall apart, even as will our planet. We are at that point now. There is no turning back. We all realize that. But no one is sure which way to go. Everyone is imitating everyone else. We need someone to say to us, “Not that way. Come – follow me.” Responsibility vested in our students will surely propel them to ask themselves: Will that some one be me?


Creative Writing Competition
A skill is like a seed. Dormant it does not develop. Nurtured, it sprouts, grows, blooms and bears fruit for the benefit of those around. People are in demand who have a way with words. Words hold in their depths creative force. Words contain in their depths the history of mankind. Students at New Millennium School avail every opportunity to use their developing skill with words in a most fruitful way, including the Creative Writing Competition every year. Prize winning pieces are featured in the Meteor, the New Millennium School Newsletter.

World Environment Day
How I interact with my environment will determine how I will experience my future. When we live wholly, we live holy. Our search is for ways to live as integrated human beings. If I am to live an integrated life, I must become more integrated with my environment. I must become one with it, and treat it as if it were a part of me, not something from which I was separate and which was separate from me. Can I pretend that the quality of air, for example, has nothing to do with the quality of my life? Our students and teachers celebrate World Environment Day with a Special Assembly and by planting saplings within the campus.

Speech Day and Prize Distribution
There is a time to sow and a time to reap. On Prize Day our students garner the fruit of a productive year. The newly instituted Gilbert Bose Trophy for the Best All Rounder went to Arun Nirmal of Std. 8. Rev. Fr. Jose Kutty, Principal of Kristu Jayanthi College, graced the occasion with his presence and gave away the prizes. The students entranced their parents with a lively programme of folk dances, songs and plays including ‘A Modern Christmas Carol’ by the Middle School and ‘The Assassination of Julius Caesar’ by the Senior Section.





Independence Day Celebrations
The Primary Section stole the show! Sporting our national colours and waving flags, they charmed their audience at the morning assembly in song and verse. Students of the Senior section spoke on a variety of topics including The role of the youth in nation building; Patriotism and the youth of India; India today and tomorrow and A true patriot. They also retraced our steps to date by Reliving history.



Outreach Programme
We seek many things in the course of a life time. We hope to find fulfillment in each one, but most of them fall short of the desired goal. When we put our time and energy into things that do not fulfill us, we feel frustrated. On the other hand, concentrating on being a blessing to others brings joy. That is what those of our students who visited the Jyoti Seva School for the Blind experienced in January 2007.

6 Hats and a debate!
It has been a tradition in the Orient to agree with each other. I bow and bring you round to see my point of view. You bow and take me round to have a look at yours. Then we nod our heads sagely as we see that there are at least two sides - and maybe more - to the story. Students of New Millennium have been introduced early to the wise concept of Parallel thinking as set out by the well known writer, Edward de Bono. Applying parallel thinking to planning a project suited to their age groups turned out to be an exciting experience. Adversarial thinking, on the other hand, is generally the Occidental or western way of taking an issue and thrashing it out to determine all its various facets. In this process, one not only clears up one’s ideas on a particular issue, but also learns to concede that there are points of view other than one’s own. Simultaneously, you learn to weigh the arguments put forward and arrive at a measured conclusion – all in a most civilized fashion, of course. Examinations are a true test of knowledge and Fear of punishment alone enforces discipline both were found to be tremendously debatable topics.


Teachers Day
“Our classrooms become like heaven when our teachers walk in.” writes a Std. 5 student in a composition. In today’s world, knowledge is exploding. It is all out there – and on tap at the press of a button. Yet children love coming to school. The reason? It’s the ambience of loving care they find in school that gives a special meaning to life. That love finds overt expression on Teachers Day as the students say it with cards and flowers. They also recited special poems for their teachers.

This year on Teachers Day our students also chose to remember and tell others about a variety of great teachers through the ages and from different parts of the world, including Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Confucius, Aristotle and Albert Einstein.


English Elocution
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Aware of the beauty of Nature, students of Std 5 recited Daffodils, Stopping by woods, The Clo intoned The nightingale and the glow worm; Tiger!Tiger!; The wind and the sun ;and The spider and the fly. Std 7 picked up on patriotism, courage and valour reciting Patriotism; Home they brought her warrior dead; Casabianca and To India my native land. Life itself became the theme chosen by students of Std.8 who thoughtfully rendered A psalm of life; Laugh and be merry; Character of a happy life; and All the world’s a stage. Interesting ballads recited by students of Std 9 bore witness to the excellent memory power attributed to us as one of our national characteristics! The glove and the lions, The Inchcape rock; King Canute; and The Young Lochinvar all proved to be equally delightful. Students of the middle school also spoke on Man’s relationship with animals, as well as machines. They also dwelt on the mysteries of nature and - miraculous language.



Throwball tournament

The results were as follows:

Throwball Match Winners –

Sapphire House – 25 points;
Ruby House – 23 points;
Emerald House– 21 points;
Topaz House– 10 points

Sapphire House – 23 points;
Ruby House – 18 points;
Emerald House – 18 points;
Topaz  House – 9 points

In-service training
Learning is a life long process. The forward thinking institution invests in Staff- performance enhancement programmes. On October 1st, Mrs. Prashanthi, U.S. trained Graphologist, conducted an enthralling session as she pointed out to an interested Staff that handwriting is actually mind writing. Many insights into the personality and needs of a growing child can be found in his or her handwriting. Attention to handwriting can also actually enhance and build personality traits. The progress of students can be monitored through observation of the changes in his or her handwriting.


Children’s Day
Celebrating children everywhere, Children’s Day is invariably a joyous occasion. This year, much to the delight of the students, teachers put up a special programme in song and verse entitled, ‘Welcome to Our Children’s Garden.’

This was followed by the Inter House Collage and Painting Competitions.

Inter School Yuletide Festival, December 14th
‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
It’s loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness’.

We were put in mind of these immortal lines written by the English poet, John Keats, when on December 14th, 2007,  the Millennium School Choir participated in the Yuletide Festival at St. Francis Xavier Girls School, rendering in harmony, the beautiful songs, ‘Peace, Love and Joy’, ‘Messiah is Born’ and ‘Joy Joy’.

A specially choreographed dance accompanied the rendition of these uplifting songs. 

Annual Sports, December 15th, 2007
“He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.”

 The truth of these wise words spoken by Edmund Burke is evidenced on our Annual Sports Day every year as students pit their strength , stamina and speed against their competitors in the true spirit of Sportsmanship.

Dr. H.T. Sangliana, Member of Parliament had kindly consented to be the Chief Guest and graced the occasion with his presence, delivering a powerful and inspiring message to our young students on the occasion. 

Inter House Yuletide Singing Competition
“I shot an arrow into the air
It fell to earth I know not where
And the song from beginning to end
I found again in the heart of a friend.”

That is the way with songs and the Yuletide Singing Competition had songs aplenty. Held on December 18th, this event has appeared on the School Calendar for the very first time and was enjoyed by all. 

Christmas Party
All’s well that ends well! The term closed in joyous mode with a Christmas party for the students on December 18th. 

Workshop for Teachers
‘Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can,’
wrote H.W. Longfellow.

In order to reinforce this positive attitude and build up the nurturers,  a workshop on ‘Effective Classroom Teaching was conducted by resource person, Mrs. Lily David for the teachers on January 2nd, 2008.

Outreach Programme
“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world,”
wrote William Shakespeare, the Immortal Bard, in his play, ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Students of New Millennium School are taught to be like little candles, letting their radiance shine forth to reach a little warmth and love to the less fortunate and the needy.  

On January 25th our students visited the New Art Mission of India at K.R.C. Road, Dodda Gubbi, a home for the old and destitute, carrying with them gifts of love, beribboned boxes bursting with useful items donated by the children and their parents. 

Spelling Bee
, they say, is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  

Students who won glory in this year’s Spelling Bee Contest,  surely put in a lot of focussed work throughout the year. 

In fact, so popular had this event proved to be last year, that it was extended this year to include not just Classes 7 up, but also featured separate contests for the students of classes 4-5, and 6-7. Words spelt out by the students were taken from all their subjects of study and the various rounds covered a really wide range of words. 

Field Trip
“The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our power;
Little we see in nature that is ours.’

To remedy this defect in our human life style, a field trip was arranged for the students of classes 6-9 who visited the Indian Institute of Horticulture and Research, Hesaraghatta on February 8th. Here was Nature, and Nature at her expansive best, yielding more and better to supply man’s need. 

School Picnic
“My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky,”
wrote William Wordsworth, English  Poet Laureate.

Just so do the hearts of our little ones delight in being taken for a picnic out doors! With a little bit of luck, they may even see a rainbow! Students of Classes UKG to Class 5 were overjoyed to go on a picnic to Eagle Ridge, Bomannahalli on February 15th  while the students of Classes Pre-Nursery to LKG were taken to Ferns Meadow for their Annual Picnic.

Medical Check-up
Health is wealth. The Annual Medical check-up was conducted for students of all classes from February 21st to 28th. 

Multiple Intelligence
Interactive learning is a must in the twenty first century. A programme for teachers of the Primary section was conducted by Mrs. Preethi Paulraj on April 5th to introduce interactive, integrated and innovative methods of teaching for the benefit of the students. 

Science Exhibition
The Science Exhibition brought forth the inventiveness of students who produced excellent models. These were on display from April 9-11, to coincide with the declaration of the Final Examination Results.


Students Activities: 2006 – 2007

Prefects Investiture:
At a ceremony, both moving and solemn, Captains and Prefects for the year 2006- 2007 pledged to serve their student community with loving kindness. Then they reinforced their pledge in song - harmonizing melodiously Like
a Bridge over Troubled Waters and Lord, Plant my Feet on Higher Ground.

Creative Writing Competition: This was the first Competition of the year and involved Stds 5 to 8. Every student takes part in this event as great emphasis is placed on creative writing as a delightful means of self expression. The students of New Millennium are introduced to writing techniques as early as possible in order to make it all as easy as breathing for them!

A suitable variety of topics was on offer to each of the age groups and participants had to work within a specified time frame. Although students from each of the four Houses picked up valuable points, it was
Emerald House that proved to be positively oozing with talent and triumphed in this, the very first House Competition of the year!

Inter House Recitation and Elocution Competition:
Isn't it wonderful to express what has been said by the best minds of the ages in the best possible way? Students in New Millennium are trained to both appreciate and deliver lines of poetry and famous speeches. In addition, students of Std 8 were given the opportunity to present their views on some of the topical issues of today. Mrs. Rajini Raj and Mrs. Indira Nair had very kindly made time to come and help with the adjudging of the winners. The Chairman of the School, Mrs.G. Madhavan gave away the certificates and photographs were taken.

Patriotic Song and Dance Competition
After days of hard practice, it was time for the Independence Day programme. This year, students had been invited to participate in a Patriotic Song and Dance competition to commemorate suitably and memorably our anniversary of Independence. The props, costumes, music and choreography all made the dances attractive. No one envied the judges their job on that day since all the Houses had turned up trumps.!

Spelling Bee:
This event appeared for the first time on our School Calendar this year. The aim? To encourage students to bring consistency and confidence to any written project presented by them at any stage of their lives. Spelling in English is a fascinating skill and
Arun Nirmal of Std. 7, Sapphire House, earned for himself of the title of Spelling King for the year 2006 – 2007 by getting every single word right!

Painting and Collage Competition:
The Painting Competition was held for Stds 5, 6 and 7, while Std.8 participated in the Collage competition. The theme was: What ails our Society? All that cutting and sticking of pictures was worth the time and trouble as the end result was really rather effective. All the four entries were displayed on the School Wall Magazine. And guess who won the competition? Sapphire again!

Inter House Quiz:
Emerald was definitely the front runner in this event but the others teams were determined to keep themselves in the running.
Mr. Maurice de Rebello and his team conducted the Quiz just as they had last year.

The Rules were displayed on the Notice Board in the Hall. Three students formed a team to represent each House i.e. one each from Std. 6, 7, and 8 respectively. Before the programme began, all the children were given toffees to make it a sweet beginning. Emerald retained their position as winner this year as well. The other participants had to content themselves with the thought that they had gone down fighting!

Annual School Day
This is very definitely one of the highlights of the year and is attended by parents, special invitees and well wishers. This year, students were
awarded with prizes for their proficiency in academics. Student toppers in the various disciplines were also given certificates and book coupons.

After the Prize Distribution, students put up an entertainment programme for the visitors with a variety of items including songs ( primary, middle and senior school choirs), dances and action songs.
The Lion King, a Musical by the Primary School won special acclaim as did Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice enacted by members of the Literary Club.

All in all, the children did their parents and teachers proud. Besides which, every student participated and so had his or her moment in the limelight.


Teachers Day
September 5th is a day that helps to foster the rapport that exists between the students and teachers.

The day begins with a Special Assembly at which students are encouraged to render discourses on Teachers Day. Assembly was followed by a delightful programme that included quizzing, songs, dances and light refreshments organized by the students for their teachers on this day.

Open Day
These are the occasions on which Parents and Guardians are provided with the opportunity of meeting teachers to discuss the progress of the students. With both hands clapping, so to speak, the child is poised to make the great leap to success. In addition, this year a
Parental Feedback Performa was devised and circulated for parents to rate the quality of teaching of the various subjects. This was done with a view to maintaining the promised standards of excellence in this area.

What is memorable about School life is those
red letter days such as the one when everyone went for a picnic!

Feelings are great motivators. Besides which, happy experiences make happy memories. This year their teachers took the children to Sambhram County.

Outreach Programme
Plan a life that benefits yourself alone and it has length alone. It thus becomes nothing but a straight line, lacking both breadth and height. To lead a truly
three dimensional life, children are encouraged to realize that life gains height when you develop your relationship with the Creator of the Universe. It develops breadth in proportion to the relationship you develop with your fellowman.

This year the students are to visit
Jyoti Seva School for the Blind, to both interact with the less fortunate and to understand their special strengths, capabilities and spirit.

Inter School Events
New Millennium School students made an entry into the
Interschool scene. The choir participated in the Yuletide Programme organized by the Parents Association of the Francis Xavier High School. A team from the School also took part in the Collage Competition organized at St. Josephs Indian High School under the auspices of the Rotary Club in December 2006.

Sports Day is a smart event and eagerly awaited by all concerned. Early on the morning of January 25th 2007, the children, sporting their respective House shirts, were to be seen assembling on the Sports field and getting into their contingents . The Chief Guest this year was
Mr. K. Ajjanna, Assistant Commissioner of Police, who took the salute.

Students of Stds 4 to 8 took the field to ring in 2007 with their rhythmic and gracefully executed
Hoop Drill . The kindergarten and Primary School drill was, as usual, an eye opener for discipline and timing.

The Primary Section had adopted as their theme for the Novelty Races 'Environmental Concerns'. Each race proved to be a contest involving fun, skill, as well as meaningful instruction, carrying a message and reminding even the spectators of the practical need to be mindful of the environment on a day to day basis!

Sapphire was adjudged winner of the March Past. As for the other events and the overall tally - Ruby, last year's Cock House, lived up to its motto: Never Give Up as they refused to give up, to any other contenders, that much coveted position. Knowing

that the prizes had been won and lost in the spirit of true sportsmanship and for the honour and glory of Sport - everyone went home tired, yet contented and happy. It is, after all
not who won or lost that matters, but how one plays the game!


2005-2006 Sports Day

Not only do students enjoy their Sports Day - they just love the run-up to sports Day! It really is exciting to watch it all come together for the grand finale on the day. Along with the "all-rounders" who are really to add yet another feather to their caps, there are some who step suddenly out of the crowd to run away with Winner's Trophies and your delighted admiration.

The annual sports day on Saturday, January 28, 2006 was held on the school sports field.

Rev. Dr. Grant, BTS. MA., the chief guest, declared the sports meet open and addressed the students and invitees on that misty winter morning.

After the March Past, Fahd Hussain, Sports Captain, took the Olympic Oath.

The highlights of the event included the Kindergarten Drill, which was an eye-opener for discipline and timing, the middle school aerobics and Pyramids that were skillfully choreographed; hotly contested track events, Inter – House Relays and Tug O’war, as well as novelty races which proved to be eye-catching, entertaining and occasionally hilarious. 

Parents paraded their sporting spirit by coming forward willingly to take part in “Bombing the City”

At the end of the day, the Champion of Champions trophies went home with Fared Sandly and Chandana T. Ruby House retained its status as winner, with Sapphire House moving into position as First Runner-up followed by Emerald House, Topaz House brought up the rear, vowing to change things around next year.

2005-2006 Outreach Programme

New Millennium School children carry Message of Peace and Love to the less fortunate - December 2005

Social sensibilities are fostered as children reach out to the underprivileged with gifts collected by them.


Independence Day
The first event of the year - August 15th, the day of independence- An unforgettable moment of Indian history and an incidence which gave India, the gift of life. We celebrated the 55th year of our independence in all its glory. We hoisted the flag in the open sky and this was followed by the National Anthem. There were short plays, acts and speeches on India's struggle for Independence. The whole progamme was a success indeed and will remain a vivid memory in the heart of students and staff

Fun N Food - Young chefs on campus
Dishes without cooking, by food as scrumptious as it can get. The school had a food fest. Students prepared sandwiches, salads and deserts. After the final touches and decorations, they were absolutely irresistible.

Teachers Day
"A teacher is someone who takes your hand, opens your mind and touches your heart" Teachers day is a day where all teachers are honored and respected for the hard work they put into educating students like us , and giving us a hope for a brighter future lying ahead. It is celebrated on the 5th of September, in honour of Dr. S Radhakrishnan, who was our first vice president and a renowned and respected scholar and philosopher.

We too planned something special in our school. We put together a string of performances for our teachers. The main responsibility as on the seniors. They helped the little ones to sing and dance and recite poems. The teachers were touched by the gesture, enjoyed every bit of it and admired the students ability to plan and work independently. A sincere effort by the students to commemorate this wonderful event.

  School Picnic
The school went for a picnic to Emerald Isle and it was a perfect reward for a year of hard work for both students and teachers. The children enjoyed themselves in the pool splurging and splashing. A day of fun and frolic.

 Puppet show in school for Nursery - Grade 2:
The Puppet show was organized by Time Life India Pvt. Ltd. lead by Ms. Yogitha Mehtani, Ms. Lavanya and their team.

Science Experiments:
Demonstration of simple experiments for Grades 3 -6 by Time Life India Pvt. Ltd. lead by Ms. Yogitha Mehtani, Ms. Lavanya and their team.

Meeting for old parents chaired by Mrs. Madhavan:
School rules were explained and parents informed about the year’s programmes

  Rajyotsava Day Celebration in school:
There was a colourful programme in school and everyone learnt a great deal about our wonderful State - Karnataka. The Karnataka State flag was hoisted and sweets were distributed to the children.

  Children’s Day:
A painting competition was held and prizes were given to the winners. All children were given sweets. Teachers entertained the children with a few skits and dancing.

In the current academic year, 2005 - 2006, the first batch of students in the New Millennium School is studying in Std. 7. We keep to the policy of extending one class each year.

Staff - student ratio:
Escape from the madding crowd is more and more like wishful thinking as the population escalates. Against this backdrop, restricted numbers in classrooms is a parents’ dream come true. This dream is a reality at New Millennium School which maintains a staff-student ratio of 1:25.This ensures that every child gets a large slice of individual attention at all times.

Staff orientation: Programmes for teachers aim at keeping everyone at New Millennium School updated on the latest views of educationists regarding the best methods and techniques to be adopted as well as the most healthy approach that will enable students to grow in self confidence, academic ability and help them acquire life skills. This year, the Staff Orientation programme was held in June at the start of the new academic year.

Prefects Investiture
The prefect system in New Millennium School is in place and functional. Students leaders learn to serve their student community with loving kindness. School Captains and Vice Captains for the year 2005 – 2006 took the oath of office at a solemn ceremony in June in the presence of the entire school assembly. 

Recitation / Elocution Competition
Expressing what has been said in the best possible way by the best minds of the centuries is made possible for students at the New Millennium School. At the Annual Inter House Elocution competition held this year on July 14, 2005. students of Std. 7 spoke out on engaging topics such as ‘Be kind to dumb animals’; ‘Books are our best friends’; ‘Health is wealth’ and ‘Are grandparents redundant?’

National Days
No man is an island. New Millennium School students identify themselves with their nation and every student attended the Independence Day flag hoisting on August 15, 2005 at the School premises. They marched in smart contingents, saluted the flag, listened to an inspirational address, recalled the contribution of the Father of the Nation and other national leaders; the sacrifices of the martyrs and gazed at the tri colour fluttering proudly against a blue sky.

Annual School Day  
is very definitely one of the highlights of the year. This function is attended by Parents and well wishers. On this occasion, the dramatic flair as well as singing and dancing talents of the students comes to the fore . From the tiniest ‘Little Men of the New Millennium’ to those who would like to remind us how ‘nice it is to be clean’ to Std 1 ‘In the mood’; Std. 2 presenting ‘Sensational Seasons’; Std 3 with ‘The Pied Piper’; to Stds. 6 and 7 with a delightful ‘Kolattam’; as well as Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’; to the grand Finale - pageant - ‘Glimpses of India’, the children of New Millennium School did their parents and teachers proud .Every child was on stage to have his or her moment in the sun! 

Teachers Day
September 5th is a day that helps to foster the already excellent rapport that exists between the students and teachers at New Millennium School - because students, like flowers, bloom in the warm sunshine of approval, and a nurturing caring ambience. Students this year put up a Magic show that left their teachers with plenty to marvel at. 

School Houses, Motto and Song
There are four Houses in the School viz. Ruby (red); Sapphire(blue); Emerald(green); and Topaz(yellow). Students try their best to earn points for their respective House and this adds to the spirit of healthy competition during events.

‘The best I can do; the best I can be’ is the motto that appears on the school logo. Everyone at New Millennium School tries to live up to the school motto on a day to day, minute to minute and second to second basis.

The School Song is woven around the motto and is sung at the Morning Assembly setting sights for the day:

We’ve a dear school so grand
On a green verdant strand
It’s a beautiful place just like home;
Here we’re taught to think high
A spirit of Never-say-die
And to follow God’s Plan for His Own.

Chorus: The best I can do, the best I can be
Is a motto so bold and so true;
The best I can do, the best I can be
My school motto’s so precious to me.

When our days here are done
And our school days are gone
And we’re out on the world’s stormy sea
Then our values you’ll see
Just as strong as can be

With the love that’s been taught to us here. 
By our motto we’ll stand;
Be it sea, sky or land
And we’ll list to its dutiful call;
Then we’ll cast aside fears
And we’ll banish all tears
As we strike out for new distant goals.

Inter house quiz
Quizzing helps to enhance awareness of the world around you. The Interhouse Quiz this year was held on November 10th. There were 16 rounds with a total of 64 questions. It included an Audio round, a visual round, quickfire round and a speciality round. At the end of each round there were a couple of questions for the audience too! 

Children’s Day
Remembering Chacha Nehru, a special song by the staff choir, staff versus students throw ball match and a painting competition were the main features of the eventful day. The painting competition topics included ‘Natures Fury’ and Advertisement with captions. The winning entries put on display speak to all who look upon them of the amazing talent of the children. 

Tests and Examinations  
are held at regular intervals to provide a continuous appraisal of the progress of the students. These land marks help students consolidate their educational gains. At New Millennium School, students are helped to perceive each test and examination as it comes along as a fresh opportunity to showcase their acquired knowledge and enhanced skills in every subject.

Open Day
Parents and Guardians are provided with the opportunity of meeting teachers to discuss the progress of the students. With both hands clapping, so to speak, the child is poised to make the great leap to success.

What is memorable about school life are those red - letter days such as the day everyone went on a picnic! Feelings are great motivators. Happy experiences make happy memories. A happy child will live on for ever in the heart and mind of the adult he/ she grows unto be; ready to face life with optimism and a positive out look. On November 18th the children of New Millennium School spent a day at the Sun Valley Resort. The trip included a visit to the science park. Thus, it was a day of fun and frolic seasoned with a dash of learning! 

Outreach Programme
Love your neighbor as yourself is a credo New Millennium School students live up to as they visit orphanages such as Shishu Bhavan and old age homes each year in the first week of December with gifts of daily necessities collected by them with tenderness towards the less fortunate and the lonely.

Creative writing competition

As the Information age gives way to the Conceptual age there is a premium on creativity. Facts today are on tap. They only need to be understood within the frame work of everyday life. It is creativity, which is the ability to take what you have and fashion it into something new that is the need of the times. Therefore students are helped to learn the use of the gadgets of writing and speaking that will help their work to sparkle like and possess the must - have quality of the Kohinoor. 


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